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Gilston Family Owned and Operated

 In 1932, Sol and Hymie Gilston started G & G Electric, in the Bronx. G & G Electric served building owners in the Bronx, providing electrical maintenance and adequate wiring.  Sol’s two sons, Harvey and Marvin joined G & G Electric in 1958 and became the second generation of the Gilston Family of Electricians.

In 1970, Harvey Gilston, Sol’s youngest son, created Gilston Electrical Maintenance Corpoa  Corporation in order to continue the growth and reputation on an already respected family of electricians

In 1990, Harvey’s two sons Wayde and Jason Gilston entered the family business in order to carry on as third generation in an always growing tradition of excellence in the electrical trade.

In 1996, Wayde and Jason received their Master Electricians licenses in New York City and Westchester County and helped to further increase the size and scope of Gilston Electrical Maintenance Corporation by opening two more branches; Gilston Brothers Electrical Contracting and Palante Electrical Contracting Corp.

Gilston Electrical Maintenance Corporation and its sister corporation are constantly learning and growing in order to keep up with an ever changing industry. The Gilston Team is always striving to maintain and increase its tradition of quality service and up to date technology in the electrical field and we hope to carry our impeccable reputation for many more generations